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Fiscalsoft Customers
Fiscalsoft Customers

Fiscalsoft® FiscalReceipts™ for Microsoft® Windows™ is our satellite office cash receipts companion product for FiscalBooks™. The software allows for management of cash receipts data entered at remote satellite offices. A 3-part receipt can be printed, as well as detail and summary cash receipts registers. These receipts can then be exported to an external device (network drive folder, flash drive, external hard drive, e-mailed to a web server, etc), which can then be imported into FiscalBooks™.

FiscalReceipts has been developed to aid Treasurers with outside departments receiving money in the course of the business day.

  • Windows based Graphical User Interface (GUI) provides unparalleled ease of use for a municipal software application.
  • Allows for the simple export of any departments receipt records from FiscalReceipts™, reducing the chance of errors when entering into FiscalBooks™.
  • With only a few options to define, FiscalReceipts™ is ready to use in minutes!!


As the tables within each application are encrypted (to protect personal information), DO NOT try to open these tables from another application, or you will corrupt the headers of the tables. This may require you to restore from a backup, or you may have to pay for table repair (if it's even possible). So, please do not try to open any table from another program.

  • Exporting receipts data for the Treasurer daily decreases potential errors due to manual entry
  • When receipts are correctly processed there will be no errors in the General Journal
  • Handles separate receipts for customers where more than one record is required on any given day
    Daily Reports:
  • Customer Detail Listing
  • Customer Summary Listing
  • Customer Envelopes
  • Customer Labels
    Customer/Receipts Reports:
  • Customer Ledger
  • Receipts Ledger
  • Daily Checkout Report
  • Digital Getting Started PDF Document in Help Menu
  • One year free phone and email support, and program updates upon License payment and registration
  • Comprehensive annual Software Support Subscription
  • Email support and program updates via Internet
  • Telephone support(9am - 5pm Monday – Friday EST)
  • Municipal software development firm since 1983
  • 1st Software Provider Certified by KY Dept. for Local Government for true on-line electronic filing via Internet
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Fiscalsoft Products are developed using Delphi
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FiscalReceipts Screenshot
FiscalReceipts Screenshot
FiscalReceipts Screenshot
FiscalReceipts Screenshot
FiscalReceipts Screenshot
FiscalReceipts Screenshot
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